Thursday, February 11, 2010


The threat, or promise if you wish to sweet-talk it, was that Israel and the West were going to get a bitch-slap in commemoration of the 1979 revolution on Feb 11. That has to sound ominous to almost anyone except possibly the US State Department in the Bamster administration.

So, here's the punch:

We Can Do It, I Said We Can

This is a lot like a four year old arguing with his six year old brother. The national leader stands before a crowd which isn't all on his side and announces that we can enrich to better than 20%. Yes, we can even enrich to more than 80% if we want to, but I don't want to. I could if I wanted to, but right now I don't want to...but I could.

And the uniformly sized flags are waved and the neatly printed posters are waved and the crowd dutifully chants, "Death to...whoever we want death to today."

There are more than a few protesters in the crowd seeking an end to the theocracy and the clownish regime. But, Mahmoud seems to be thinking, "let them eat cake."

There ought to be someone whispering in his ear, "Remember, thou art mortal. Remember..."

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