Monday, February 15, 2010

Simply Flaming

I've got no issues about fur. Man has used animals for food, shelter, apparel and more since the Stone Age. I eat meat, wear leather shoes, have a couple of leather jackets, have leather upholstery in my car and I nap in a leather recliner on most afternoons when I'm not busy. I don't have any fur, but if I recall correctly there were hairs all over the surface of that leather before it became furniture.

I've got no issues with gays. What they do has no impact on my life. I can honestly say at my increasingly past-ripe old age that I've never been approached by a gay person sexually. I could almost feel over-looked if I'd bothered to notice earlier in my life. I don't care if someone is gay. Most gay folks are below the radar and those who are flamboyant are so ludicrous that they pose no threats.

I've got no particular issues with figure skaters. The girls are sometimes cute and the prat-falls are sometimes stunning but the sport or entertainment is a take-it-or-leave-it situation for me. Frankly, Scarlett...

But, I do have a revulsion for folks who thrive on hey-look-at-me publicity. That's what this clearly is:

I Just Don't Feel Good About Myself Here

I mean really! This little puny poof-meister is all quakey because someone sent him a nasty-gram about his fuzzy-wuzzy outfit. He just doesn't feel safe in the Olympic village and simply doesn't want to impose a work load on those big handsome security people so he will find shelter elsewhere and commute to and from his event apparently under a well-worn army blanket.

Maybe he should notice that he is in Canada. If he checks out the natives who were so prominently featured in the opening ceremonies he would see that fur is not that big an issue locally.

It's way too much a manufactured hype event by a publicist.

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