Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm With Nancy!

Have you ever encountered a Democrat in elected office who took the blame for a bad outcome? I've heard politicians confess that "we didn't get it done." Or they acknowledge, usually in the passive voice, that "mistakes were made." But since Harry Truman, have we ever had a senior Democrat look into the eyes of the voters and say, "The buck stops here"?

Not Nancy's Fault

You see she got dealt a bad hand. When unemployment is 9.6%, she says that an opposition party can't lose. Might it be so easy because when you took control, Ms P, the rate was less than 8%? Might it be that the majority of the electorate said they didn't want Obamacare? Could it be that carbon emission caps are so clearly destructive of economic growth that even Joe Six-Pack can understand it? Is it possibly that statements like "pass it so we can see what is in it," are so stupid that your party looks incompetent?

As she sees it, she is in great demand. And, she is right. I want it clearly understood that I support her bid for minority leader in the new Congress. I want to continue to benefit from her wise counsel and strong leadership. Please, Democrats, re-elect former Speaker Pelosi to continue as the face and voice of the Party.

Vote Nancy!

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