Monday, November 22, 2010

Napolitano, Pistole and Moe

Stooges all. How could you unleash a policy and not appreciate the inevitable repercussions? Anyone who has flown commercially in the last ten years knows that TSA is not comprised of rocket scientists. I've encountered some very competent, courteous and conscientious security personnel. But, I've also see some remarkable goons and don't even get me started about security checks from someone wearing a TSA uniform and hijab.

A Reach Too Far

Before you direct thousands of mall cops to fondle nipples and squeeze testicles to their hearts content, you have to realize that much of that contact is considered a special privilege of intimate relationships. Before you set up a program like this you need to be aware that when your drones are given license for this, that they will encounter folks with very large megaphones to spread the word on this assault on our freedoms. You will encounter bloggers, reporters, writers, commentators, newscasters, executives, powerful people and obnoxious ones. You don't need much research to know that everyone has a cellphone today and every cellphone is a camera and the majority of them take video.

If you haven't thought that all through, then the morning after is way too late and you should be actively politicking for an extension of unemployment benefits because you should be claiming yours soon.

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