Monday, November 15, 2010


How unfortunate:
Kansas church members who travel the region to protest at military funerals have been given less than a rousing welcome at McAlester, Okla.
The Tulsa World reports that a half-dozen protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., showed up Saturday in McAlester at the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey. After coping with what police said was more than a thousand counterprotesters, the church members found their minivan had flat tires on both the front and rear wheels on the passenger side.
Police said the tires had been slashed.
Officers said the church members were unable to find anyone to fix the flats in McAlester, and had to call a flatbed service truck to transport the van to a Walmart several miles away.

Gosh, who would have expected that McAlester would be such a hotbed of vandalism.  What a shame that no one could be found to fix the flats. 

Maybe this free speech stuff still has consequences. 

I wouldn't encourage violence against these good Christian folks but they might be facing a run of bad luck. 


The Donald said...

Having traveled through McAlester not a few times on US 75, I'd guess that some of those counterprotesters were good Okies from Muskogee - and they don't cotton much to the bull$hit from that moron from Topeka.

I'm proud to hear of communities banding together to send those [Westboro] bastards packing.

immagikman said...

Just because one has a right, does not mean one is free from responsibility and accountability.

You speak the words in public, you are responsible and accountable for the results. One would expect a minister to be aware of this little issue.

Anonymous said...

I hear tell these morons are going to Dearbornistan to protest in front of the Dearborn Islamic Center.

Think steel cage death match, on steroids. Break out the popcorn and beer, this ought to be good.