Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speed Governors For Clips

Police have guns. They carry guns all the time. They qualify with guns to protect us. They know about guns, of course. So, when a spokesman for a police organization, the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund, speaks for the record in the New York Times he will be knowledgeable and informative.
“It’s a very troubling trend where officers are being put at greater risk than ever before,” said Craig W. Floyd, the group’s chairman. “Many of these criminals are outgunning our police officers. We’re seeing criminals with high-velocity clips on their guns.”
We need national legislation right now to control the velocity of those clips the criminals have access to. We can't have their clips be so much faster than the policeman's clip, can we?

Who needs a clip that goes faster than 55 MPH? Slow those clips down today. Then we can work on Carolyn McCarthy's barrel shroud thingies.


immagikman said...

High Speed clips??? WTF

Anna said...

High-speed? Definately his mouth is, brain I do not think so.

I would hazard a guess he was trying to clamber onto the bodies of the Tuscon dead and push for another useless ban.

Anonymous said...

Show me one PD - one - without access to military hardware.