Saturday, July 23, 2011

At His Finest

This, my friends, is your post-partisan President at his finest hitting his talking points with precision:

Did you get all those? Let me help you:

At 0:14 "on the backs of seniors"
At 0:18 "slashing out commitment to make sure kids can go to college"
At 0:25 "kids off the Medicaid rolls so they can't get basic care..."
At 0:37 "some fairness"
At 0:50 reference to Cap, Cut & Balance which was tabled in Senate several hours earlier
At 1:10 "all the burden on the people least able to protect themselves"
At 1:14 "lobbyists in this town"
At 1:16 "lawyers working on the tax code for them"
At 1:18 "working stiffs out there, ordinary folks"
At 1:27 "struggling every day and they know they're getting a raw deal"
At 1:45 "somebody who is willing to look out for them"
At 2:04 "some talk radio show host"
At 2:12 "or what pledge we signed on the campaign trail"
At 2:40 "if you want to be a leader, then you've got to lead...."

That's a tour de force for the Nanny State from the Leader who takes great pride in his position of "leading from behind."

You get class warfare, envy, the paternalistic obligations, the slam at talk-radio, the implication that the 51% that pay no federal income tax are bearing a burden, that college is a right rather than individual responsibility, that seniors are under attack, and that he is above the fray, Der Fuehrer.

It was an embarrassing moment for America last night at 5:20 CDT.

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