Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When In Peril, Call the Police

What should you do when in danger in Liberal Land where gun-control has had its ugly way . You've been disarmed by your government. You have no right to private gun ownership except under very limited onerous conditions and you certainly aren't allowed concealed carry.

Call the police. They are the professionals trained for these situations and they will rescue you.

Law Enforcement Response Failure

Did you get that?

  1. There was a cop on the scene already
  2. He was unarmed
  3. He must seek "authorization" to get his weapon out of storage
  4. He was first to die
  5. The local department had no boat even though they have extensive waterfront and island jurisdiction
  6. They couldn't find a car to get to where they could rent a boat if one was available
  7. The entire nation's helicopter law enforcement capability was on summer leave
  8. The situation was not new or particular to this fateful day
And for the ultimate idiocy, the penalty for these killings in Norway will amount to 100 days in prison per body. For the entire toll of 76 dead, the perp will, if convicted get 21 years. 

Yeah, if threatened call a cop. 


The Donald said...

How charmingly altruistic that some Norwegians would prefer that their popos be unarmed.

Charming, but stupidly, as well as tragically, naïve.

At least Barney Fife had a gun and one bullet.

Lauri Kivinen said...

Also, norwegian police helicopters are only meant for surveillance, not transport. So they would probably have been of no use in this situation. The boat thing is amazing...probably nobody just thought that if something like this happens, it would be in an island.

I wonder if Berntsen being unarmed was because he was off-duty as a security guard. In Finland, we have quite tight gun laws (even though the number of guns per capita is quite high, hunting being a usual hobby as in Norway) but when I see police officers, they ALWAYS have a sidearm in a holster. I think some patrols even have a M4 carbine in their car. No matter what the level of gun control is, I think that the police should ALWAYS be armed (and preferably outgun the average criminal).

Lauri Kivinen said...

There's also some debate of the 21-year maximum sentence. There is some kind of "crime against humanity" sentence, which is 30 years. Also, the guy could be held in prison the rest of his life if he is deemed dangerous for others, or held in "treatment" if he is found out to be crazy (not just psychopathic, evil and ruthless).

So while there is theoretically no life in prison sentence in Norway, I seriously doubt the guy will ever see freedom again.

Anna said...

Norway and its native people seemed to live in a bubble against reality. Even as the unassimilated Islamic community raped them, the police stayed unarmed.

People complained when french doctors went on vacation during August and all those old folks died due to heat. But every helicopter pilot at the same time? Was this socialist groupthink?

Lauri I do hope they keep Anders locked up for life but lets not even go with 'crimes against humanity' because in this case it would be making his point. Treat him like a serial killer monster and sentence him to 21 years in Bodo Norway sleeping outside.