Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swift Boats and Stolen Valor

Much was made during the 2004 Presidential campaign of John Kerry's heroism. Much less was made of his treachery afterward as he vilified the warriors on the firing line in that protracted war. He was eager to gain the glory but quick to condemn others who fought. He threw his medals, including his Silver Star over the White House fence renouncing them until years later when it met his needs he displayed them and announced the flinging was purely symbolic...and involved someone else's medals.

He was introduced by fellow Swiftie, also a holder of the Silver Star, at his nomination for President. It was a very clear effort to minimize the Swift Boats for Truth campaign which had mustered highly respected POWs and Brown Water warriors to discredit his behavior both in combat and afterward.

But the cliche that "truth will out" seems difficult to avoid. This surfaces today:

Nominator Digs Kiddie Porn. Silver Star Revoked

The medal revocation is certainly a very rare event. The Navy Times originally published the story, but for some strange reason it is no longer available on their web site. Who would believe the coincidence!

Here are the details:

Swifties Look at Star Revocation

The true believers will not be swayed by this, but many Americans will nod to themselves and understand a bit more about American politics today. It isn't a pretty picture and it gets darker every day.

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