Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Doing the Math

The details are leaking out about the Messiah's economy saving jobs creation plan which will be "unveiled" tomorrow night. Here's a glimpse:

Stimulating Plan With Ephemeral Tax Cuts

OK, let's take a very superficial look at that. The first wag (wild-assed guess) at the pump prime involved is $300,000,000,000.00, but they admit that it may cost more. Of course it will cost more. Have we ever seen one of these that cost less than promised?

But, instead of wrangling over who gets what in a darkened capitol cloak room then dispensing massive bags of loot to chosen political constituencies. How about this proposal:

Take the $300 billion and send out checks to 3 million Americans, each worth $100,000.00. That's the kind of money we're talking about here. Three million folks would get a hundred K in the mail.

No middle-men, no political wrangling, no deals or skullduggery. Just pull name out of a hat and ship off the money.

Believe me that would stimulate the hell out of the economy. Stores would be buzzing, auto-dealerships would go crazy, home-building would flourish, the stock market would go through the roof, banks would have billions to lend and nobody could be pointing fingers at corruption.

Luck of the draw, check in the mail. Problem solved.

I think I'll watch for the postman...oops! Better Fedex that money, Mr. Prez. I hear the USPS is having difficulties.


thrill said...

Sending checks to people who would have never created that value of wealth, simply means that those who would have, have had some significant portion of it taken away from them in advance - what incentive do those potential wealth creators now have to bust their asses to make that effort?

hitman said...

Dear Mr. President. Please take your hand out of my pocket. I can stimulate myself, thank-you.