Friday, September 30, 2011

Knock Knock

"Who is it?"

"Candy-gram for a Mr. al-Awlaki."

"Just a second..."


hitman said...

Damn, I guess Obama screwed up again. There go the American Muslim votes. Still wasn't enough to buy mine though. lol

The Donald said...

HM, I don't think it's gonna be an issue - BHO won't be his party's candidate in 2012.

Hippo said...

This also seems to fit:

"Death from above!"

Anonymous said...

Nice to have a President who will kill a rebellious US Citizen without remorse. I pointed out to one of my customers that this was no different than killing the Confederates in the civil war. And killing the head Saudi AQ bomb maker at the same time. Bang for the Buck!!!

Great Job by the O-man


hitman said...

Yeah Leadfoot. Knowing that guy(the O-Man?), I'm sure it had already happened before he decided to take credit for it. I'm also sure that if it had happened while GW was in office, you'd be on here squealing like a pig that that horrible muderer had killed a US citizen.