Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friends With Privileges

As the Solyndra scandal continues to unfold we begin to get other glimmers of White House leverage to steer massive tax-payer dollar amounts toward major Obama supporters. It apparently really helps to be a friend of the Bamster. It shows how much he has grown over his Chicago community activist/ward-heeler days. There you could get a towing company kickback in return for few bucks campaign contribution. You might get a maintenance contract for a couple of city schools where you could skim a hundred thousand or two off the top. But he's moved up to the huge bucks range. Solyndra got half-a-billion and less than a year later they file bankruptcy. Someone very obviously took the money and ran.

Now we've got a new one popping up. Maybe you've heard about LightSquared. They are a broad band technology company that wants to grab a huge chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum. The problem is that there is significant evidence that this usage will interfere drastically with the GPS satellite network.

USAF General William Shelton was scheduled to testify before Congress on the impact. He is certainly a man who should know. What he would say would be pivotal.

General Pressured by White House to Alter Testimony

How unfortunate that the Messiah wasn't told that occasionally the Honor Code of the military academies doesn't have an expiration date. Yes, we do have instances when the Code has eroded or disappeared but some few honorable folks still have the fiber to do what is right. They will not lie, nor cheat, nor tolerate. The President's staff doesn't seem comfortable with that concept.

Particularly when it is payback time to a guy who ponied up a big campaign contribution and now is expecting his pound of flesh back at the pork troughs.

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