Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stooping to Conquer

I’ve always been a believer in the power of ideas. It is easy to complain but damnably hard to fix the problems. Standing around and being critical doesn’t feed the bulldog even if it can feed your ego. Debate the issue, not the personality. Attack the concept, not the person. “Just Say No” might be Nancy Reagan’s drug resistance policy, but politics should be about more substantial debate.

Yet, I’m objective enough to know that isn’t the case. Here’s some “red meat” for a plan for the good guys to recapture the momentum:

Get In the Fight

I get where they are coming from. But, the basic concept is wrong.

Being like the other guys in terms of spin, sound-bites and puerile name-calling won’t attract the electorate as well as being principled, logical, rational, sane and constructive. When the damage of the current policy proposals starts mounting, the masses are going to seek explanation and alternatives.

Fred Barnes says, “become the party of NO.”

Not An Alternative to Reason

Sorry, that isn’t what America needs. Nay-saying didn’t build the Republic, it only can tear it down. If the Dems come up with a good idea, you don’t need to say no. The fact is that is a totally improbable scenario. Simply stand up for what is a better idea. Then be consistent. The elections will take care of themselves.

The John Hawkins idea to play as dirty as the left does isn’t a good one either:

Wrestle With the Pigs

Engaging in the same low-brow mud-slinging as the Dems won’t win over any disaffected voters. Some folks love that sort of thing, but I like to think that the Jerry Springer, Maury Povich audience isn’t a long-term strategy.

Melissa Clouthier takes the ultra-conservative role and suggests blowing off the moderates who aren’t true believers in her interpretation of conservatism.

Recognize Who You Need to Win, Please

I guess poor Melissa failed basic math in school as well as vote counting in her political training. While it is commendable that she won’t waver in her principles, she needs to realize that someone who isn’t 100% in agreement is not totally opposed either. To build a coalition which is necessary for victory, she will have to accept if not tightly embrace those folks in the middle of the ideological spectrum. There simply aren’t enough far-right conservatives to win. They might come around eventually, but meanwhile let’s welcome their votes.

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