Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Since my bloglist tends to reflect my ideology, I see a lot of redundancy each day. One interesting post gets echoed or linked in several others and creates its own little viral news flash.

This, however, is different. Take a look at these:

The Bullied Hedge Fund Manager Speaks Out

Chrsyler and Bankruptcy By Fiat or Court Action

Two entirely different issues but linked by a common suspension of the rule of law in each instance. When they start calling individuals to make them offers they can't refuse, can we be very far from horse's heads in bed and cannoli at the opera?

And the beat moves on:

More Corroboration of the Tactics

And still more:

Believability Grows

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MagiK said...

Just wondering where it will stop, and if the 2010 elections will make a difference.