Sunday, June 21, 2009

Creating Linkages

Washington DC, Chicago and New York City are known for:
  1. Draconian gun laws
  2. Incredible murder and violent crime rates.

So, if you are one of the true believers there and you want things to get better, you will certainly demand much more of the policy which hasn't worked. You certainly wouldn't look at the 39 states that have so far enacted "shall issue" concealed carry permits.

What you need to do is create a panic and a fear. You've got to build a straw-man, like "the Bolsheviks burned the Reichstag." Or, maybe "the Great Satan rigged the election."

Take a look at this hatchet job:

They Are All Loonies if They Don't Like the Bamster

Would it be disingenuous to suggest that the Left has at least as many loons as the extreme right?

But, if you want to get really frightened, consider the ramifications of this appeal:

On the Enemy List?

Think about that for a second. In the LAST FIVE YEARS, that means about 200 per year out of several 100s of thousands. They were on "the terrorist watch list" but not convicted felons, under court orders, drug abusers, alcoholics, psychiatric patients, dishonorably discharged or sex offenders. They were simply on a government list and upon examination, nine out of ten were approved for purchase!

What do we know about this terrorist watch list? How big is it?

How About a Million and Growing!

Are those million people a threat? Have you read about similar names, grandmothers, infants, and ministers being denied access to an airline flight because they turn up on the list? Did you read that just last year 33,000 folks were removed from the list upon investigation?

What would protect us from showing up on that growing list on any given day?

Remember two months ago when DHS Secretary Napolitano opined that veterans were the sort of folks who were a threat because of their military experience?

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