Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What We Might Learn From Them

We like to ascribe nicknames to policies. It makes it easier for us to capture what is going on and in the process, like a good doctor or lawyer, to confound the booboisie.

If you recall during the Nixon administration (you younger readers probably missed that period,) Henry Kissinger went on a back-and-forth travel binge to China that came to be called "Shuttle diplomacy." That morphed into China opening their hearts and minds by sending their world class table tennis teams for exhibitions around the globe that became "Ping-Pong diplomacy."

Last night on Fox News, one of the supposed powerhouses of political opinion, Juan Williams was out to lunch on the new terminology for the Messiah's out-reach, "Hot Dog diplomacy."

Poor Juan likened it to a mis-guided right-wing conspiracy to tar the Obama administration with a wild and jingoistic approach like George Bush's derided "cowboy diplomacy." It was no such conspiracy.

What the new term refers to is the Bamster's welcoming offer to Iranian diplomats (is that an oxymoron?) around the world to come to festivities at our embassies celebrating America's Independence Day. We do that traditionally with fireworks, flags and picnics featuring that All-American culinary delight, the hot-dog. Juan, who probably has lived his life inside the Beltway or the Bronx might be forgiven for being unfamiliar with the term. He probably knows the tube-steak as a frankfurter or a coney.

Y'All Come See Us, Ya Hear! Bring Sweets for Dessert

The dissonance of the event is that the US would welcome the representatives of the brutal repression ongoing in Iran to celebrate our revolution and independence. It's sort of like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao all dropping in to the White House for Thanksgiving dinner.

Maybe the President wants to have the mullah's minions visit to gain some pointers on techniques in case he faces future opposition from his American sheeple.

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juvat said...

Ed, I think the official name for a Hot Dog has been changed by Obama fiat to "Wienie". Hot Dog implies way to much machismo while Wienie is more metrosexual and therefore much more appropriate for The Won and his entourage of sycophants. Given that then the new program is Wienie Diplomacy.