Friday, June 26, 2009

Iffy for Summer, Positive for Century

It is appropriate today as our benighted Congress is about to vote on a 1200 page bill that grows faster than any human could possibly read it. The bill is the environmental cap-and-trade proposal which the House nitwits are demanding lest we all shrivel into rendered bacon before the end of the next twenty years. We're burning up and we simply must turn out the lights and walk to work...oh, wait, there won't be any work to walk to as the new taxes put everybody out of business.

They are about to stick a dozen forks into any incipient economic recovery to save us, but it is appropriate that this shows up in the Dallas Morning Fishwrapper:

Hot This Week, Means Cool & Damp This Summer

What??? The meteorologists, global division, are peering into their crystal balls, I mean computer models, and predicting that the heat of this week and the heat in the Pacific Ocean are laying the groundwork for a classic El Nino pattern. That's where a warm southern Pacific lures the jet-stream southward drawing the boundary between tropical air and arctic cold lower for the summer months. It means not hotter, but cooler and wetter patterns for the US. Oh yeah, and a lot fewer hurricanes as well.

But they must act in Congress. And they must do it today before anyone reads the bloody bill or gets to think about it too long...or heaven forbid, gets to raise public outcry about what they are going to do to us. Read this sympathetic bleat from the Chicago Butt-wiper:

Too Big, Too Soon

Whoa, even the true-believers of the Tribune are saying this is a rush job with more unintended consequences than anyone can anticipate.

Now go back to the Dallas piece and notice the hedging language in the summer predictions. The weather-guessers say that their models are as good as they can make, but they don't account for all the variables. That's for the next 90 days. How can Pelosi and Pals trust divinity school drop-out and Nobel laureate, Algore for the next 90 years forecast?

I'm clinically depressed, but it's going to get worse.

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steveH said...

If the email from the DNC that I got earlier today (know your enemy, right?) allegedly from N. Pelosi is true, they passed the thing today.