Monday, June 22, 2009

Frankly, Scarlett...

It doesn't take much to be famous in America these days. In fact, all you have to do is perniciously appeal to the lowest intellects in the nation and your future will be assured.

This is a guy who built a blogging reputation by posting papparazi fotos of Britney, Lindsey, Paris and similar airheads getting in and out of taxis without their underwear. He got so good at that he was invited to be a judge at Donald Trump's Miss USA pageant. How ludicrous is that? Hiring an avowed homosexual to judge female beauty!

He parlayed that into greater fame by asking a gay oriented question of Miss California which she answered respectfully and honestly. That has become a cardinal sin in America. The proper response is to abandon your personal principles and give the scripted politically correct answer. The result was a perceived affront to the fool and stripping of Carrie Prejean's title after a couple of weeks of publicity. Actually, the outcome was probably more beneficial to Ms Prejean's career than simply being Miss USA for a year.

Now the boob needs a jolt of publicity himself. So, he gets punched out by a bodyguard.

Why? Because You're Stupid!

Here's some lessons for Mr. Hilton:

  1. Don't be stupid around a celebrity's bodyguard
  2. If you are gay yourself, try not to use gay slurs as an effective insult
  3. If you are a professional writer (ostensibly) try not to use phrases like "so he's like..." and "I'm like...."
  4. If you want to get a police response dial 911, don't post on Twitter
  5. If you are injured and need an ambulance dial 911, stop tweeting
  6. If you are going to be an ass in a club go with someone more butch than Lady Gaga

I hope he gets a bill from the Toronto PD for the bother. I hope he really did get punched out--stupidity should have a price. I hope that he fades from the public view and soon.

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Hippo said...

As my old classmate at Alabama once wrote,"stupid is as stupid does."