Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Ahmadinejad, Tear Down This Wall

The rest of the world hates us...that was the mantra. They don't love us any more. We must be kinder and gentler and then they will stop blowing up our embassies and flying our airplanes into buildings. That never worked in the past. It doesn't work with our own children. We need them to respect us and know that if they do what is right we will reward them with our love and support. They then will love us in return. Kindness and gentleness are seconary to discipline and results.

He would be tested shortly after taking office we were told. The question was who would respond properly to the 3:00 AM phone call. We were assured that challenges were not that likely, that he would surround himself with the best qualified minds, that he was decisive, intellectually superior and capable of finessing the worst situations into much better results than the bumbling cowboy and Machiavellian puppet-master that he would replace.

How's that working out?

Here's a pleasant indictment:

Waiting to See How it Plays Out

Apparently one must test the water, do some polling, hedge one's bets, count the votes and wait for the winning horse to nose across the finish line before standing up to do what is right. There is no room for principle here. No moral certitude. No good guy/bad guy fable being acted out. We hem, haw, pontificate and bloviate. Then when the fait is most assuredly accompli he can say with confidence that he did the right thing.

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