Friday, June 19, 2009

Dealing With What Matters

There are problems in this world and we have been conditioned to believe that government is going to save us from them. Only by massive government intervention can we get smart enough to know that a high interest rate on a credit card will cost us dearly. Only if the government tells us will we decipher that to buy a house we've got to make enough money to pay the mortgage. Only our government can assure us that a nuclear-armed Iran and N. Korea won't really intend to harm us.

Yes, we need more government to protect us! Read this and feel good:

Drugs for Breakfast!

Did you understand that? Eating foods that claim to be good for you is something to be avoided unless the FDA protects us from the language on the box. That pesky old free market has made Cheerios the most popular cereal in the nation. They taste good too! If they are made from oats, there is a lot of clinical evidence that oats in the diet reduce cholesterol. Cheerios don't require cooking like oatmeal either.

But, we are going to be protected. Read the bleating quotes from the libs applauding the action. Yes, it is a good thing that the FDA is now getting serious!

The question I'm asking is will the doctor's visit to get a Cheerios prescription be covered by Obama-care?

Or, does this mean that the stimulus is working so well in Battle Creek MI, that it won't hurt the local economy to incur massive legal costs to fight this stupidity?

Or, maybe it simply means that General Mills didn't offer the proper financial support to the Bamster and his minions.

I'm headed to the mean side of town now to check if my candy man has got a supply of those toasty little "O"s to feed my craving. I've got a Cheerios Jones!

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Buzz Barron said...

My girl friend has been eating cheerios religiously for years, and she has great hooters. I recommend them to women! Probably why the libs are against them. Libs are against good looking women, especially ones with big boobs.