Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making More Sense

I gravitate toward the message that reads like this:

Government Does Not Create Wealth

I would have to temper that a bit, because it is quite obvious that when you take control of the printing presses and start distributing trillions of dollars there are a lot of people going to pick up a lot of kickbacks, favor-payments and slippage. They will do so, not because of their expertise or their talent but because of their political connections and leverage. Yet the basic principle remains--a free market letting people spend their own money rather than having the government do it will result in wealth creation and a vigorous economy.

Here is more from a man with a lot of experience in the hot seat:

Addressing the Issues, Not Attacking the Man

I think it is about time for him to speak candidly about what is going on. As for the advantages of offense versus defense in foreign policy, I'm frankly frightened by this headline today:

Stay Off The Beach at Waikiki

I wonder if the Bamster and Mabelle are still planning that tropical get-away? Could Kim log a two-fer?

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