Monday, June 08, 2009

Restoring Dialogue

Remember the campaign? There was that hope and change atmosphere in which they promised to abandon the strong words, uncompromising attitude and militaristic stance of the reviled Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld triumvirate. We were going to see a return to diplomacy. An openness to discussion any time, any place with the dictators, despots and nut-jobs of the world. There would be no pre-conditions, just a warm embrace and a willingness to compromise. Then all would be right with the world and everyone would love us again.

Now this:

Here's What Kim Thinks About Asian Detente

The response to Hillary Clinton's naive statement that putting a couple of American journalists on trial was a good thing is to throw the book at the two naive young women. My bet is that they will be home within 18 months, but only after a lot of American groveling, a huge ransom payment and an undermining of security for Japan and South Korea.

First it was increased nuclear production and blatant disregard for the six-power negotiations on energy production in Korea. Then it was a nuclear test blast simultaneous with an intense demonstration of the state of Korea's delivery vehicle capability. Now it is this diplomatic bitch slapping for the Bamster.

May I suggest we immediately implement a plan to reopen a new and improved embassy in Teheran and staff it with a couple of hundred top level hostages...oops, I mean diplomats for the convenience of Ahmedinajahd?

Someone had better cowboy up pretty soon or this is going to get nasty.

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