Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fear vs Facts in Strongville

Still on the campaign trail and despite the fact that the legislature is in Washington DC, the Messiah took the family jet to Ohio yesterday to meet with a couple of hundred mindless drones and convince them to pass healthcare reform. OK, I don't understand it either.

He was on the top of his rhetorical game, however, throwing aspersions left and right, assuaging doubts about what the unwritten bill will have in it when it is passed without a vote and imposed on the nation which doesn't seem to eager for it, and tugging at the heart strings with the tale of a woman with a recurrence of cancer who is getting treatment at one of the finest medical facilities in the nation even without health insurance.

You see the problem is that she couldn't afford the premiums so she cancelled her coverage last year. Now she fears she will lose her home and be bankrupted. She's afraid therefore the Bamster to the rescue!

But wait! What's this?

There are Eight or Nine Options and She Won't Lose Her Home

Whoa! That's an inconvenient truth! Facts appear to contradict the rhetoric. Not just a bit but completely.

Apparently it is more important to deal with the fears of a single woman than to be encumbered by what actually is going on. Won't life be wonderful in our utopia when we have no fears left, not even unfounded ones?

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