Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Sky Really Is Falling

For more than a year now we've heard the Bamster assuring us that if you like the plan you've got now then you will be able to keep it. Regularly I've mentioned the inverse rhetoric rule for interpreting his statements. Whatever he says, be assured that he means and will do the precise opposite.

Along the way there have been regular Internet screams that we would lose Tricare and Tricare for Life. The first is the supplemental health insurance for active duty and military retirees below the age for Medicare. The latter is the supplement for Medicare which military retirees have earned upon reaching age 65. Tricare comes in three flavors ranging from a basic to an enhanced and quite complete coverage for the member and family. Basic Tricare is free and the enhanced coverage is reasonable. Tricare for Life is excellent when coupled with Medicare and has been free.

Typically a bit of research on those screams would reveal they were much ado about nothing. Snopes or similar sites would debunk them as frantic fear-mongering. Apparently, however, that is no longer the case:

Senate Bill Opens the Door and Reconciliation Doesn't Address It

This time around there is little to reassure us. There will be blood.

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