Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let The Light Shine Brightly

Tonight is Earth Hour.

You might reasonably ask what that is. It is an environmentalist declaration of a one hour period in which they ask all of us to voluntarily renounce human progress and plunge ourselves back into darkness. That's it. Tonight between 8:30 and 9:30 in your time zone, turn off all of your lights to show your concern and abject ignorance.

Or, maybe not.

All you sinners put your lights on. Let them shine. Turn them all on. See if it is warmer or colder tomorrow. And feel good as you laugh at the idiots that surround us.


Me said...

I will have every one of my lights on for an hour tonight--I want my electric meter gauges to be spinning like little fans.

The Six said...

Every light I have.

Anonymous said...

Ed you have been doing some really good work in recent days. Just like back in the sixties.

Thanks very much for your contributions to our country.

Cart Williams

immagikman said...

Darn we were busy running computers and televisions forgot all about it :D