Monday, March 29, 2010

Where is the Outrage?

The Left has mounted an intense campaign decrying the violence, lack of civility and downright dangerousness of the Tea Party. They indicate that they have been threatened, spat upon, abused, vilified, had windows broken and their lunch money was stolen. Nothing like this has ever happened in America and they would never stoop to such crass behavior.

That of course requires a memory scrub to eliminate the Bush years. Or the Vietnam War. Or the Ayers crowd.

We had that intellectual light Sean Penn suggesting horrible deaths from various unseemly cancers for those who disagree with him, but that must have been just hyperbole.

This item seems to be getting less than front-line coverage:

Avatar Proposes High Noon Shootouts for Deniers

Wow! What a mouth on that guy!

And, the very image of a pussified Hollywood liberal standing up for a shootout is one which suggests a marketable Hollywood script!

I can see it all now. The clock ticking down to noon. The abandonment of all of his friends who simply decry guns for any purpose. The questioning and then departure by his true love and life partner, Joe Bagadonutz. The frantic scramble to find a gun show loophole in California that will ignore the 14 day waiting period so that he could be armed. The search for someone qualified to teach him gun handling skills who would ignore his asinine background and statements.

Lots of gun owners in the blogosphere are signing the waiting list for who gets to be the first to meet Cameron on main street. Maybe there will have to be a lottery.

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Lagniappe and I called "dibs" yesterday.