Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hint of a Change

Does anybody still like Robert Gibbs? Did anybody ever like Gibbsie? He's not a pretty face, ala-Dana Perino. He doesn't exude intellect like Tony Snow. He's not neighborhood friendly cute Dee Dee Meyers. Actually he grates. His humor falls flat, his answers are vacuous and his command of the facts always seems nebulous. It would be hard to describe Gibbs as a liability in an administration characterized by questionable competence. He certainly fits in, but that isn't a compliment.

So, with the Bamster going low-profile on his ten day get-away from vacations before resuming campaigning into the final pre-election weeks, we've got the Gibbs guy replaced by what might be the future:

Fitting the Ethnic Mold with Panache

Someone less defensive, more self-effacing, possibly with closer ties to the inside circle of Messiah-land could be just the ticket to recapture some of those good old days of main-stream media compliance.

Apparently Burton has been in the political spokesman role for some time, dating back to press service with Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and before that with Congressman Bill Luther (D-MN). Remarkably little additional bio info jumps out for genial Bill.

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