Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why No One Watches

Mainstream network news is at death's door. Want to know why?

Here is ABC "Breaking News" coverage of the Messiah in Martha's Vineyard. The top-tier reporter heads his column with an advisory that he is going to give you "power, pop and probings..."

Have a Great Time, Wish You Weren't Here

Some power:

As they departed the restaurant at 9:55 pm ET, reporters asked the president if he was enjoying his vacation even with the rain.

"I'm having a great time,” the president said. “Doing a lot of reading"

Wow, that's breaking news all right. And to put it in context, globally speaking,

Minutes after leaving the restaurant, Vernon Jordan appeared on a rerun of CBS’ The Good Wife, trying to purchase the fictitious Chicago law firm Stern, Lockhart & Gardner.(The episode originally aired in May.)

Jordan is a friend of the owner of State Road Restaurant – so much so that you can hear his voice on the restaurant’s phone message..

“He’s a friend of mine and I adore his voice,” owner Mary Kenworth told ABC News. The restaurant opened June 2009, but Kenworth and her husband were the original owners of The Sweet Life Café

Just a coincidence? I think not! There's a message here and this probing, powerful and popping reporter is digging out some linkages...a TV show, a fictitious law firm (in Chicago!) and a voice on a restaurant answering machine!

There appears to be a security leak, however:

Kenworth said she’d been asked not to talk about what the Obamas ordered, but “the whole table got lobster tempura with island corn succotash and lemon vinaigrette” in addition to their individual entrees.

That's serious reporting folks. Apparently Michelle has relapsed and the healthy eating program is sidelined as she encourages her friends to gorge on not only individual meals but massive portions of lobster tempura! What next? Death-by-chocolate?

Finally, leaving no lead unfollowed, no stone unturned, the probing reporter finishes with this tidbit:

Also of note: Ann Jordan and Valerie Jarrett are cousins. Ann Jordan's mother and Jarrett’s mother's father were siblings.

There may be video on this later, so I've got my schedule blocked and my DVR set to record the ABC News tonight so I don't miss a thing.


Me said...

And the best part will come after Obama's replaced by another President (probably a Republican in 2012) when the media moguls try to figure out why the credibility that they threw away for Obama didn't just magically come flowing back.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Wait a minute. Valerie Jarrett is outlaws with Vernan Jordan?

What an inbred little coterie Obama has around him.

bongobear said...

I read that CBS news has the lowest ratings ever. Just what they deserve...along with the rest of the MSM.