Friday, October 28, 2011

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Read this piece slowly and carefully. It is a classic example of highlighting the inane and demanding a conclusion based on innuendo. Stay objective and analyze what you are reading:

Cain Aide Linked to Darth Vader

Can you trust a man who is a smoker? A large number of folks seem to have done so with the Messiah, but that doesn't matter apparently.

Can you seek support of an interest group when you are running a re-election campaign for a state judge? Well, who would you expect to offer support if not concerned interest groups that are convinced that an individual will be better for their interest than the opponents?

Can you vilify a campaign robo-call that has been litigated as perfectly within legal limits?

Can you find fault with an individual who drank, got arrested, has quite drinking and freely admits it?

Can you really rationalize not challenging a voter at the polls who has an address at which mail is undeliverable? Next thing you know we will want potential voters to actually identify themselves like when they want to get on an airline or cash a check.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that they are only targeting voters in democratic districts. If they are really concerned with voter fraud they will target everyone.


hitman said...

Everyone knows that the Democrats are famous for votor fraud, going all the way back to Daley in Chicago. It's the same things as all the BS about racial profiling. The cops stop the people that look the most likely to me mules. Same thing at airports. How many little old ladies in wheelchairs have hijacked airplanes?

immagikman said...

UNIONS, ACORN, NYCC, and the democrat party are synonymous with voter fraud, they fight ever attempt to deter fraudulent voting, and this includes measures to keep illegal aliens from voting. Oh sure the GOP has Im sure some small pockets of voter fraud but the Organized Crime (aka Unions) and the Dems made it an art form.