Monday, October 10, 2011

Furiously Fast


FlyingBarrister said...

Issa fired off a letter to Eric Holder today in response to his letter from late last week.

Anonymous said...


That was one funny as hell video Ed. But you can kiss any hope of getting a gig on Monday Night Football goodbye ;-)

What I find really hilarious about the Fast & Furious scandal is that the same people who want Eric Holders Head on a platter would be happy to interpret the 2nd amendment in a manner that would allow anyone to buy any weapon they want... No questions asked, no records kept.


Ed Rasimus said...

Hyperbole, Lead?

The 2nd Amendment is about the people's right to retain the capability to deal with an oppressive government. It's got nothing to do with hunting, collecting, target-shooting, or self-defense.

Understand that and you've made a giant leap.

FlyingBarrister said...

Vapid liberals like Leadfoot cannot and never will read the Second Amendment honestly nor will they trouble themselves to learn the clear history that supports it being expressly placed in the Bill Of Rights and in second position. Liberals clearly do not care about foundational, formative rights like property rights and the RKBA. Ironically, the same pseudo-intellectuals with facile opinions on the right of self-determination, self-defense and the important role that the Second plays in assuring them are the foremost proponents of protecting abortion “rights.” They go ballistic over the imposition of the exact same safeguards for protecting life in that instance that they insist is necessary for arms. Just watch what they are doing to attack recently passed legislation such as the waiting period in South Dakota or the sonogram requirement in Texas.

The right of "abortion" is a judicial fiat cut from whole cloth that contradicted the history of regulation and prohibition since colonial times. The courts and liberals treat it as an unholy sacrament, more than a mere right, and will fight any modest restraints at all. In contrast, the Second Amendment provides a clear, textual RKBA. The libs and the courts will allow outrageous restraints on purchase, possession, and ownership and allow owners and would-be owners to be treated like criminals and harassed needlessly to exercise an express right--under the pretext that someone might get killed. People only kill other people with guns occasionally (and sometimes a life is taken of the aggressor to spare the life of the innocent but the libs make no distinction), but someone dies every time the "right" of abortion is exercised.

South Dakotas new law and Texas' law is reminding people of that, and the libs can't stand it. The question is whether 5 justices on SCOTUS will allow the states to make that point before the "right" is exercised as they have heretofore allowed the states to restrain gun rights.

Anonymous said...

1. Your view sounds like some wet dream you have about throwing Obama out of office, Not needed, not going to happen.

2. You promote the rule of Law. Heller is the law of the land regarding the people’s right to firearms. The essence of which is is “If you have not disqualified yourself your entitled to firearms to defend your home” I rarely agree with Anton Scalia but on this one he nailed it.

3. I’ve believed in the principles laid out in Heller all of my life. I’ve owned guns and don’t have a problem with gun ownership by responsible Americans.
4. I’ve been familiar with the positions taken by the NRA since I was a teenager. They’ve wanted an America where you went to the gun store, pointed at the gun you wanted, paid your money and left the store. No questions asked, no paperwork required.

5. I believe the typical view of those who are leading the criticism of “Fast and Furious” is in line with the NRA’s position on gun control

6. Therefore I ROTFLMAO at the hypocrisy involved

7. The ATF Under the Bush adminastration tried soemthing similar too fFst & Furious

8. The history behind the insertion of the 2nd amendendment is quite different from your view. It's purpose was to allow the southern people to arm themselves against a potential slave rebellion.


Anonymous said...


I'd respond to your comments about abortion but Ed Has asked me to keep my comments to the topic being discussed which in this case is Fast & Furious. Which has nothing to do with Abortion.

Oh and as you can see I am quite familar with the history behind the 2nd amendment.

@ED ;-)


P.S. I can spell (got A's), I just can't type

Ed Rasimus said...

Lead, once again you display an ability to overlay something off the wall on any discussion. Where does posting a satirical video lead to me having wet dreams about ousting Obama? That is highly improbable. Impeachment grounds are considerably different than political disagreement and the Senate would never uphold any lesser charges.

So that brings it to the 2d Amendment (1789) versus the Heller ruling (2008). Heller is case law, the 2d is Constitution. Heller applies incorporation partially to gun control laws and affirms an individual vice a collective right to arms. Justice Thomas introduction of a slavery question refers to post Civil War decisions and not to the purpose of the 2d Amendment which was applied almost immediately after the nation had demonstrated the need. It is the protection against an oppressive government. Go back to Federalist #46 and then for more than you ever wanted to know:

FlyingBarrister said...


I am convinced that you are a prototypical liberal: you know nothing about about anything. Rather, you are full of lefty dogma and propaganda.

Why is a lefty like you a hanger-on in a setting like this anyway?

Ed Rasimus said...


We encourage Leadfoot to stick around as a foil for our pithy commentary and as a reminder of the somewhat scattered thought processes of the American Left.

He makes us look much more intelligent than we already know that we are.

Anonymous said...


If the best you can do is call me names and rant about abortion when the topic is a failed gun running investigation I have to be grateful your not my attorney. And if your represent the anti Obama movement his re-election is certainly assured

Anonymous said...

@NRA Members

The topic is a failed gun running investigation Which I believe you and the Flying Barrister have been critical of.

Two of the many principles the NRA stand for are:

1. Guns should be as easy to buy as a bottle of rotgut whisky

2. Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

So in the NRA's vision of America Mexican cartel members should be able to buy guns (it's not the gun store owners job to check if they are prohibited passessors or keep records) and if they shoot a federal agent it's not the guns fault. They are criminals they would have been armed anyway, right?

So isn't it hypocritical for members of the NRA to criticize the Fast & Furious investigation?


Anonymous said...



It's been many years since one of the first things I would read at the libary was the American Rifleman and my favorite column "the Armed Citizen". So if the views of the NRA have changed from "as easy to buy as Liquor" I'm sure as a life Member of the NRA you can let me know ;-)