Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why We Are In Debt

Want to know why we are in debt in this country?

Adult Baby Sucks On Public Teat

This guy is nuts. He no more has PTSD, ADHD, heart disease and a disability than any other lazy slug who doesn't want to go to work. He threatens to off himself if we cut his Social Security payments.

Makes you want to challenge his resolve doesn't it?


nealcroz said...

There should be a provision in law that allows both imprisonment and neutering of parents who bring something like this into the world. Oh wait.....that would mean the entire DNC.

We have met the enemy.....and he is US!!!! my more philosophical, Scottish dew motivated states.....I wonder if during my 33 years of AF service.....I was fighting the right enemy.....always...ALWAYS check 6!!

Kevin said...


hitman said...

Check this out to see another reason we're in debt. 9 children on welfare at the age of 25. Go ahead and do the n math on that.

Anonymous said...

hitman: Search here
for "Larmondo" and you will see that obituary reports 10 children, not a mere 9. Larmondo assumed room temperature in 2004. No doubt, some of his children are earning their way as doctors and engineers now.
OK, the last sentence was kidding.