Friday, June 15, 2012

How Could It End Any Other Way

She's going to miss her court appearance for kidnapping, burglary and attempted murder today. She was shot yesterday when caught in the car she stole at gunpoint ran into another vehicle and she then attempted to run down the arresting officer. Poor baby was murdered in the street:

What She Be Doin' Wrong Dat Dey Need to Shoot Her?

Justice for Shantel?


MagiK said...

Hopefully when this whole American Government comes crashing down, we will reset to where citizens are armed and outlaws risk being shot by every single passer by.

Murphy's Law said...

Let's see...

1. Cue bystanders (most of whom have police records) who got there late to tell everyone what, in their opinion happened.

2. Find relative to proclaim that she was "just getting ready to turn her life around and didn't deserve to be killed" regardless of the circumstances.

3. This being New York, find anti-cop "public servant" looking to pander to anti-cop/pro-criminal element to issue scathing condemnation of the police before fact#1 is known.

4. Send reporters all around the neighborhood asking people if they plan to resort to violence yet, basically inciting such violence.

5. Wait for arrival on scene of lawyers who will announce multi-million dollar lawsuit to reimburse family for the loss of totally worthless decedent.

6. Partying and spending of advance payment of expected settlement to begin about two days before the funeral.

7. Cops all hung out to dry--suspended, fired, slandered, sued--regardless of actual facts.

So predictable.

FlyingBarrister said...

She was an "honor student" and she was murdered by the po-lice.

Jesse Jackson is on the way, hoping to beat Al Sharpton to the draw and get the family to agree to have him speak for them rather than Sharpton. Jesse will help them find the personal injury attorney, and if there is a recovery, he wants 25%. He does not work as cheaply as Rev. Hutchins in Atlanta.

Check this out: