Friday, June 08, 2012

Learning a Trade

We're talking about serious vocational training in Oakland. This is a school that is preparing these students to operate in the modern American environment.

Hit The Streets, Kids!

That's a trade that will serve them well and the opportunity to expand simply begging into the more lucrative drug-dealing and pimping field will be right there in front of them. Or they can learn from their own school administration how to inflate the student population and bilk the government out of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Why doesn't anybody on that journalistic staff ask the question about what a school named St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church Private School is doing getting federal tax dollars or under the auspices of Oakland School District? Am I missing something about PRIVATE and Baptist Church here?

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Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

It's clear that this is a criminal enterprise, and it is wholly appropriate for the local school board to blow the whistle.

But yeah, Ed, you may be missing something in this.
The feds have been feeding 'Title I' funds (educating 'deprived' kids who financially qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches) to state-licensed schools for decades.

It is why - until recently - there were no 'neighborhood schools' in our county: they bused kids up to 24 miles away from home(across as many as three municipal boundaries), spreading the 'disadvantaged' kids around so that ALL their schools received Title I funds (and fed fuel aid for the buses).

Conservative candidates replaced most of the 'Progressives' on the school board here in 2010. They changed all that, and fired the Schools Superintendent, hiring (retired Army BG) Tony Tata for the job. It's too late for my adult kids, but youngsters today are guaranteed the ability to attend schools close to home. If it transfers fed aid from some of those schools, then so be it.