Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oceanfront Property in Arizona For Sale

The cliches about really gullible people jump to mind when watching the Department of Justice saga continue to unfold. Beach front land in middle-America or a real deal on buying the Brooklyn Bridge begin to pale in comparison to the protestations of the Attorney General.

Sen. John Cornyn Demands Resignation

AG Holder didn't know about Fast & Furious. Or he did but really didn't pay attention, but the President was above it all. Or maybe the Bamster got the memo but didn't read it. Seriously though, Holder can't remember the details. And it doesn't really matter because George W. was doing the very same thing for years, or maybe not.

Yes, we found 136,000 documents in response to the subpoena but we already gave you 7,600 so we're all square. The remainder are just like those we gave you. Trust me.

Now, we've got the New York Times publishing great detail with conspicuous quotes from White House National Security team members regarding counter-terrorism ops and cyber-warfare against Iran. The goal quite apparently is to pump up the volume on Conan the Messiah's warrior cred. But he denies he would ever tolerate such a thing.

In response to that conflicting data, the AG promises to investigate his own executive branch and follow the leads whomever gets in the cross-hairs.

Wanna buy a nice antique bridge?

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Six said...

And all it'll cost you is one vote next November. Come on, you know you want it. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?