Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lost On the Concept

A student of American history used to learn about the Founding Fathers' view of the role of government and the absolute necessity to limit the reach of that institution into the lives of citizens. The Constitution specifies exactly what the power of the limited government shall be. Even then the citizens were not satisfied and demanded a Bill of Rights; a listing beyond what government CAN do and specifying what government CANNOT do.

Apparently Mayor Bloomberg in New York isn't on board with the concept.

Yesterday Coke, Today Milk and Popcorn

One must ask what the people of New York are going to accept before they revolt. They don't get to own firearms, they don't get freedom from a city income tax, they get stuffed into public transportation because they can't find a parking spot, they live in a hive of discourteous pushers and shovers, and now they are being diet managed for both choice and quantity.

Land of the free and home of the micro-managed.


juvat said...

I like the glaring truth in this statement from the link. "Mayor Bloomberg says the drink rules are an attempt to fight obesity in the city. It would limit food service establishments in the city from serving drinks bigger than 16 ounces but would allow refills."

That truth is this has nothing to do with fighting obesity. It might if walking 15 steps to refill burned off the 187 calories consumed in 16 oz of Coke. My svelte profile belies that premise.

That leaves only one other reason. It's got to be about power. Much like the questions raised about Obamacare by the Supreme Court, if "they" can limit what you eat and drink, is there anything they can't limit?

MagiK said...

I love reading your articles taking down Government when they mess up, but, isn't the Constitution of the USA supposed to govern the Federal government, while the individual State Constitutions limits the State?

Im a bit fuzzy on those demarcations.

Ed Rasimus said...

immagikman: The guarantees of the Bill of Rights are largely "incorporated" now, meaning those limitations on government apply equally to the states and through the states to the lower levels of government. The concept of "limited government" is more ideological than legislative in basis. The populace has been re-educated to eschew that principle.

MagiK said...

I do not understand how grown adults can want a Nanny State "taking care" of them, its like people have no dignity or self respect. I've been thinking about the arguments in ND about property taxes making property "Ownership" nonexistent. If the Government can take your property because you cannot pay them Rent (ie property tax) that means you don't own the principal of "Ownership" of the right to pursue life, liberty and property has been erased. Makes me wonder if we will ever be a great Nation again.