Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sacrifice All For the Leader

I mean really! This is pathetic. Nothing apparently is the property of individuals in the Whining New World. Your greatest days and the sharing with friends and family are subordinated to the political ambitions of the Bamster:

Lasting Longer Than a Gravy Boat

Of course it will! You won't be able to afford any gravy anyway/


an Donalbane said...

Attention gay wedding planners!

For an extra $1000 donation, the President's re-election committee will include an 18x24 lithograph of Ronald Reagan for guests to defile, mock, and desecrate (all while Facebooking and Tweeting about it) on your clients' 'special day'.

Act now - If that Republican guy gets elected, there will be no more gay in America!

Old NFO said...

Not no, but HELL no... Next thing will be taking lunch money from kids at school as a 'voluntary' contribution... sigh