Saturday, June 30, 2012

Neener, Neener, Ya-Ya

Justice in America....A massive contempt vote in Congress and a stick it in your whatchamacallit in response:

You Can't Make Us Do Anything!

What ever happened to that old concept of "Rule of Law"?


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Deputy Attorney General James Cole confirmed in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner that the department in fact would not pursue prosecution. The attorney general's withholding of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, he wrote, "does not constitute a crime."

Sounds like it is time to hold Deputy AG Cole in contempt, also - and starting impeachment processing upon both of them.

We should wait to impeach (or remove as mentally impaired) SC Chief Justice Roberts until after the new senate takes office.

MagiK said...

Well what do you expect, they said the same thing about the New Black Panther thugs and Voter Intimidation....they refused to prosecute.