Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Questionable Politics

Joy Behar is not known as a grand intellect. She's an entertainer with a caustic mouth. She doesn't even wield that weapon with precision or skill. She manages with crudity and volume. But she gets big bucks because America likes that sort of thing.

Here's an example that illustrates quite a bit:

Burn, Baby, Burn

Would it be piling on to point out to the airhead that police, fire-fighters, teachers, etc. are LOCAL government employees not federal? Would it be noticing her abject ignorance to mention that the federal government neither employees these people nor do the citizens of the nation's communities want them to. We like the traditional idea of hiring teachers, setting standards, developing curriculum, managing our own public safety assets, and controlling our taxes through elections on debt and tax levies.

Might it be pointing out her abject economic ignorance if she believes that government hiring people and paying them tax dollars is not as efficient a method of pumping the economy up as letting entrepreneurs keep their profits and grow their business thereby creating jobs that don't drain the tax coffers?

But this is great:
Behar, a former school teacher who reportedly got started in show biz in the 1980s as a standup comic.

“You know what I mean?,” Behar continued during her interview with Mediaite. “Come on. What am I supposed to do if my apartment gets caught on fire? Am I gonna call Mitt Romney to come and put it out? See what I mean?"
One must really wonder what caliber of school teacher she was. "...if my apartment gets caught on fire?" Seriously? Would that be apprehending your bedroom in "flagrante inferno"? How did you catch it, Joy? Did it slow down to wait for you or did you cut it off at the elevator?

And, I wouldn't recommend calling Romney. If I were you, Ms Behar, I'd call Obama. See what I mean?

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