Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fibbing for Votes

He can surely be excused because...drum roll, please...he's a Democrat. They can't be expected to be perfectly clear after saying they would like to be perfectly clear on a topic.

This is one of those guys that should be brought to a VFW meeting in fly-over country for an evening's entertainment. He should be a guest at a River Rat/NamPOW reunion for a 2:00 AM appearance at the hospitality suite. He should visit a Marine barracks for an orientation. We might all like to talk to him about his experiences "when he served in Vietnam":

Five Deferments and a Reserve Slot Stateside

Mr. Blumenthal, that is quite simply called lying. It is claiming an experience which you do not have the right to claim. That demonstrates your unsuitability for public service at the very least.


Kevin said...

I agree. As you said, its simple; he lied, and therefore he's unfit for public service. Done.
Unfortunately, this day and age, its apparently not so simple.

juvat said...

Unfortunately, if the letter in parens after his name was R, then he's unfit for service. However, since it's a D, that's resume material!

nzgarry said...

To Veterans of Foreign Wars,
when next we do assemble,
I'll swear by God to you and yours,
I never did dissemble.

To claim that I've been telling lies,
must be some kind of joke,
To do so would be most unwise,
It's clear that I misspoke.

To paraphrase a clever man,
my erstwhile boss Bill C.
I did no service in Vietnam,
but Vietnam serviced me.