Friday, May 07, 2010

Just Say No!

Why is it that everyday seems to bring a new effront to my American sensibilities? If we don't have some mindless mouth-breather in a public school exercising a zero tolerance policy against Tic-Tacs or kindergartener pointing an index finger and saying bang, we've got a political sensitive removing flags somewhere.

But if we are going to talk chutzpah in the grandest scale, take a look at this one:

If You Build It, They Will Come

There is a First Amendment protection of free exercise of a religion in America. At least as long as it does not involve sacrificing a virgin (endangered species, you know,) or ingesting vast quantities of illicit drugs that is. But there is also a need for perspective and sensibility if not a bit of sensitivity.

Jihadists took down the World Trade Center in what is easily the most outrageous attack perpetuated in history. That can never be forgotten or forgiven. They were driven by an interpretation, whether basic or fundamentally flawed, of Islam. Throughout the world Muslims have been instrumenting attacks against innocents without regard for any niceties of religion. There is no overlooking that.

They are also the religion of such incredible sensitivity of their own that a drawing which is labeled as representing the image of the prophet is worthy of death. I guess they aren't too secure in the other aspects of the First Amendment that covers speech and press.

They can build their mosque wherever they wish. Sure they can. But if they had any compassion at all they wouldn't build it there and they wouldn't build it in that shape and they wouldn't have that neighborhood continually reminded of the events of that tragic day.

If they build it, they will come. But I'm willing to predict that some of those who will come will not have good intentions. Americans aren't going to go quietly into Sharia servitude and politally correct hell.

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