Sunday, May 23, 2010


Where do we get such men? A gathering of old warriors and the airplanes they flew:

A big hat-tip to TigerHawk for leading me to this.


Anonymous said...

Good old fasion RBAABs. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting General Doolittle at Williams AFB when he pinned pilot wings on his grandson as well as the rest of the class. I was the Class Commander and was thrilled when general Doolittle agreed to be the graduation speaker. What a gracious loveable warrior. I will never forget meeting one of my childhood heroes. WolfPackJack

DirtCrashr said...

Went up in one of those a couple years ago, the Tondelayo of the Collings Foundation. It shook like a wet dog, roared like a lion, and ripped through the sky like a hot-rod flvver on nitro. I couldn't hold my camera steady - everything rattled.
I remember my dad saying of a ferry-flight he took in one returning from base, "It was so loud I couldn't hear myself think." And he was right, it was LOUD in there - even with shooter-grade hearing protection my ears rang afterwards. All those pilots and crew suffered major hearing damage, they could have been in the Artillery for all that.