Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blatant Manipulation

If one had any doubts about why network news is on life support and totally ignorable, you need only notice that yesterday's committee vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress will be a complete surprise to regular watchers of NBC News and regular readers of the New York Times. You see, for the last eight months or so, while the Fast and Furious investigation has raged in the House Oversight Committee, the NYT and NBC had totally ignored it. Now when a item comes up like a contempt of congress citation for a senior cabinet official, they've suddenly got to recover the back story.

Is that an isolated incident? Apparently not:

Shaping the News With Journalistic License

Cut and paste until you get the message you prefer. Then when caught, deny and ignore. The Great American Unwashed will still lap it up.


Murphy's Law said...

Don't worry, Ed. The media will once again scrutinize every little thing that the president or his administration does...just as soon as Romney replaces Obama in the White House.
Starting January 4, 2013, the media will be all up in every aspect of the President's business, just like they were when Bush was in office (and like they weren't when Clinton was in office before that).
Maybe someday the public at large will see this pattern.

immagikman said...

Ed, they have Nancy Pelosi explaining why NBC and the NYT are ignoring Fast and Furious...because the Investigation of Fast and Furious is just a bunch of GOP racists promoting the Voter Supression measures that the African American Holder is keeping them from imposing on poor black and hispanic people who cannot afford the free Voter ID's that are being supplied at no cost...So they have to attack holder so they can supress the vote. /sarcasm

Zebra said...

I guess the expression " The Buck stops Here" doesn't apply to the current POTUS. If push comes to shove, I think he will hang Holder out to dry.