Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is Real?

Do you believe everything you read? Of course we don't. But are we really aware when we are being manipulated, mislead or propagandized? Do flags go up and buzzers sound when our perceptions are being shaped for a purpose?

Try this tidbit:

The Like Us! They Really Like Us!

Of course the man in the street is going to have a perspective that might not be in lockstep with an administration. Maybe they might even confide that to the itinerant journalist. Or possibly the administration has conditioned the people to offer certain responses. Or maybe the route of the journalist and exposure to certain segments of the society have been shaped to lead to certain conclusions. Maybe even the journalist has an agenda and the report is designed to have the reader believe what the writer wants them to conclude. We can't know for sure. But we can get suspicious when we also get reports like this one:

We Will Kill You If You Interfere 

Nice folks, heh? We are told that unless we let their proxy for terror continue his ruthless suppression of his own people, we and our allies will be destroyed. We must stand by and watch thousands die because they say so.
 “Today all the people of the region are ready for wiping out this cancerous tumor, and reaction to any aggression will be the freedom of Quds.”
What "cancerous tumor" is that? Israel.

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