Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sauce For the Goose

It seems that yet another federal law, coupled with the First Amendment, is inconveniencing the Bamster. We can't have citizens supporting candidates or issues with their money when the group is opposing the One True Leader. It was just fine when the shoe was on the other foot, but when his money has dried up and the opponent is getting the gravy, something must be done.

Crossroads In The Crosshairs

No truer words can be found than this quote from the article:
Obama's re-election is being helped by Democratic groups that enjoy a similar tandem relationship: sister organizations Priorities USA Action, the monthly reporting Super PAC; and Priorities USA, the non-disclosing nonprofit.
"Folks would do well to consider this a goofy sideshow until Obama sends the same letter to Priorities USA - the group modeled after Crossroads but which supports the president," Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio said.
"In the end, Obama doesn't care about the campaign laws; he only cares about silencing conservative groups that are holding him accountable for his failed record."
Maybe the Messiah will have to spend more time in Hollywood milking the mega-stars. Or, possibly they are going to figure out that there is no return on that investment.


hitman said...

The Libtards are such a bunch of Hypocrites. When GW had a few of the bad guys smoked with the UAVs they were screaming for his head on a stick. Obama does 4 times as many, and you don't hear a peep.

(And I've heard rumors of how much he enjoys the video)

Chris said...

One of the things Obama campaigned on in 2008 was the wrongness of the Republican Party's big-biz funded entitlement to the presidency.

Four years later, he's all about his own rightful entitlement to a second term, democracy not withstanding, and shamelessly owing to and funded by the big, empty-headed bucks flowing freely from the entertainment business.

It'll be a sad commentary on the American electorate if the entertainment business has enough clout to direct popular choice.

But considering that "American Idol" counted over 110,000 votes for its final episode, and that the average presidential election typically engenders a lesser voter turnout, there's a very real possibility that The Crafty One is campaigning right where it will have the most impact.