Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pay No Attention

I was watching election results last night and as the percentage of precincts reporting rose and the two-to-one margin for Walker held consistent, I wondered why Fox News hadn't declared a victory. So, I went to the other major cable news outlets. First I took a look at CNN where Wolf Blitzer was fighting back tears but still depending upon exit polls from earlier in the day while viewers were seeing actual counts appear in the crawl at the bottom of the screen. Denial was blatant.

So, I really went afield to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow. That's when it really became surreal:

"Too Close to Call---Walker To Be Indicted"

These people live in a twilight zone.

Particularly note-worthy was Ed Schultz bleating about the injustice of campaign funding superiority by the winner. Somehow ignoring the billion dollar slush fund that the Messiah has amassed and alluding to corruption of the democratic process; truly remarkable.


FlyingBarriser said...

They conveniently ignore how much out of state money was spent to catalyze the recall process, and to protest last year and shut down the capitol. People in WI should be insulted that it was about campaign spending alone, they presume that the squareheads aren't smart enough to figure out what is in their best pecuniary interest. I suspect that a lot of people realize that a $3.5B deficit turning into a balanced budget and even slight surplus without more taxes to diminish their discretionary income is good for them.

Then there is the question of why career troughfeeders need a union anyway when civil service rules and due process requirements impose so much process and legal trouble that it's hard to get rid of the bastages even without a union.

I love seeing the ones that picked the fight get kicked in the nads, and that is exactly what happened in WI.

Six said...

I'm wavering here Ed. I'm reconsidering supporting and voting for Mitt. Not just because I now believe he can win but because I'm seeing the conservative America coming out and steady kicking ass.

I'm on the ledge. Jump or not?

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

I guess even Ted Baxter (O'Reilly) has his good moments.

Interviewing two lefties about the Wisconsin recall vote, both of them claimed it was the Republican governor's 'shameful war chest' - with eight times as much money as his competitor - that 'bought' his way out of losing his job; nothing more.

He asked them five times: "Why do you think so many more people contributed so much more to his campaign?" They couldn't/wouldn't provide an answer - which is patently obvious: Nobody's buying the Progressive propaganda anymore . . .

immagikman said...

Six to not vote for Romney is to effectively vote for I think there is a flaw in your logic :)