Friday, June 29, 2012

Nanny Association Advocates Control of People

That would be the NAACP, wouldn't it? They don't believe in freedom. They don't believe in options. They don't believe in a state program which raises huge amounts of money voluntarily to support primarily public education. They believe they know better than citizens how to spend their money, set your priorities, make your own choices.

Dallas NAACP Wants Texas Lottery Shut Down

You see the NAACP thinks their constituency is simply too stupid to manage their own life.

Oh, and about Dr. Juanita Wallace...are you wondering? So was I. Here's where she got her doctorate:

Madison University is a non-accredited distance learning college located in GulfportMississippi. The state of Mississippi considers Madison an "unapproved" college.[1][2] Madison is also listed as an unaccredited and/or substandard institution by four other U.S. states.[3][4][5][6] According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, Madison University has been referred to as a diploma mill by the state of Oregon.[7]
Tuition is charged per degree, not per course, credit, or academic term. The school offers discounts for multiple degrees or for referring other enrollees.[8] A 2004 newspaper article stated, "During legislative debate in Mississippi last year, Madison University, a school of particular concern to state officials and one identified as a diploma mill by the state of Oregon, said it enrolled 39,000 students from around the world."[
I think I'll go and order me up one of them doctorating things for my next resume.


Jeff McDonald said...

Let's her it for the tax on stupid.

FlyingBarrister said...

If it is completely voluntary, it is it really a tax?

The contention that it is a regressive tax and is harmful is stupid. Having underachievers participate in the lottery means that society, for the first time, has them participating in the cost of funding education and paying something back for the money they wasted while in the system.

Dumb funding education. Elegant and poetic.

foxone12 said...

As a rule, the leftniks are very unsatisfied with real choice. Letting people choose the life they lead can be very dangerous for a philosophy that declares we know best and therefore are better judges on how people are paid, how they live, and especially how they spend their money.

So, how does that jibe with the so-called 'pro-choice' stance? Easily, as it turns out. Since people are not capable of choosing for themselves, they cannot and should not be held accountable for their choices.

Jeff McDonald said...

Oops - "hear" not "her"...:-(