Friday, June 01, 2012


Convenience be damned. Discretion? We don' need no steenkin' discretion. Free choice? Not in Progressive America. OK, I haven't had a soft drink in a couple of decades. I drink water usually, beer occasionally and wine with most dinners. I'm fat, but I prefer to think of myself as prosperous. It's my free choice. Not, a very bright future for free choice in New York though. The pseudo-Republican mayor seeks to control size of soft drinks. Nothing larger than 16 ounces to be sold. No more Big Gulp at the convience store. I'm not sure about two liter bottles of Pepsi and the brackets on stuff like lo-cal or zero calories soft drinks aren't clear either. I'm wondering how a 40 of malt liquor fits in the equation. You see the saintly Mayor make that Bloomberg, seeks to pare down the large diameter of NYC denizens. You see the average 8 ounce Coke contains sugar, about 25 calories worth. Than means a 16 ounce limited drink will have 50 calories of sugar. For the average teen-ager or active young adult that is a pretty small component of a typical 2000 calorie recommended intake each day. But, read this: Shut Up and Take It Gotta love the liberal dietician who blatantly claims no food value. Somehow I thought calories equaled energy and the most concentrated forms are the complex sugars. If you don't get them directly, your body converts carbohydrates into sugar first before producing energy to keep you going. Particularly noteworthy is the now characteristic of the left-wing apologist to pepper his debate with supportive language gleaned from the lowest levels of society and throw in the occasional reference to the intelligence level of the reader. The essential here is that control of portion size is not a role of government. Good for you or bad for you is your choice...or it is in the rest of the country.

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