Sunday, June 24, 2012

Riding Horses

The twits at MSNBC don't like the idea that Ann Romney rides horses. They don't like that she started as a recommended therapy for MS. They find it easy to dress up horse-back riding with the effete term, "dressage" which, by the way is an Olympic event. Here in Texas there are a lot of folks ride horses. Some are rich, some are poor and some work using the horses.

But, when you choose to ridicule someone with a serious and often debilitating disease you run the risk of looking like a buffoon yourself. There is ample research and support for horse-back riding therapy as beneficial treatment for symptoms of MS. Someone is going to call you out and if that someone is a national newscaster who also has the disease you'll get something like this:

And with a bit of research you might even discover programs like these:

PATH International 

Equestrian Therapy

Come Unity

Those are just a sampling of equestrian therapy programs having great success in helping both disabled children and adults deal with their illnesses.

So, is this a cheap shot:


The Donald said...

Larry O'Donnell proves, once again, that he's a horse's a$$.

I wouldn't care if Ann Romney's horse were nothing but an enjoyable pastime - a generation or so ago, we used to aspire to the type of success that would allow a family to enjoy pursuits that required a bit of coin - but he absolutely misleads by stating that hippotherapy is a sham rehabilitative regimen.

Close to home, I've known the owners of [PATH accredited] Rocky Top Ranch for about 15 years - their program is achieving great results for people with many types of health issues.

Ed said...

My wife has MS and horse therapy is recommended for her. There are several conditions for which horse therapy is great.

juvat said...

Condescending Sanctimonious Twits. I love it! 3 words, 100% hits.

foxone12 said...

Thanks for posting this, Ed. Uncivil? The left wants to complain about uncivil???

Plus, I agree with The Donald. Therapy or not, riding horses is nothing to complain all. A non-issue and very stupidly brought but by people who ought to know better and apparently have no idea how ignorant they sound.