Thursday, June 07, 2012

Innocent or Crude?

It might be simply an unintentional double-entendre. It certainly could be passed by quickly if not for the audience before which it was delivered. Placed in the context of the group he was addressing it becomes a very intentional and decidedly unpresidential statement.

LGBT Learns About Michelle

I never would have guessed that about her.


foxone12 said...

The man has made so many gaffs he's made buffoonery a normal part of his oratory. However, there are so many bigger fish to fry in this next election that this bit of doggrel is hardly worth mentioning. I'd rather see a steady drumbeat of his drug abuse, the lack of his college transcripts, an economy in the doldrums under his unsteady hand, his huge personal spending habits, and his total lack of leadership and direction. We need leadership in Washington and that's such a big issue that I don't care if Mr. Obama makes crude references to his wife or not. Such remarks are of no consequence.

FlyingBarrister said...

I've seen Shebacca speak, and I am not surprised to hear Zero complain that the First Wookie has poor oral skills.