Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take Your Time

What? You in a hurry like you think there's a war on? Six requests and ten minute delay before finally getting clearance to engage.

But, once the HHQ gets off the proverbial pot, the guys in the field know how to take care of business.


Farmbroker said...


Are we sure Robert S. McNamara is not calling the shots here?

lizard said...

Had a buddy who flew Apaches in Iraq. He just got back home! They never fired a shot while deployed! He said that it seemed that the friendly Iraqi help was running interference. Everytime a situation heated up, there were "allies" in the way! Said he felt like they were flying news helicopters in Gangland USA!

Anonymous said...

Wow, ten minutes with a positive ID of the bad guys, how do the troops get any work down? These precautions must be tough for professionals to deal with. Honestly I don't see the point of the U.S. ever going to war again especially with the advent of mass communication, the Military will always be hamstringed before they get a chance to fight. If people could only see this is not a children's t-ball game, it's not suppose to end in a tie, big kid gloves only. Maybe the next war Americans will have a quota on how many must die per enemy, that should keep it fair. I guess, All is NOT fair in love and war.